PSG Kevlar Sleeves

  • 100% Kevlar® by DuPont™
  • Kevlar Arm Sleeves: BSV Kevlar Arm Sleeves are made with 100% Kevlar by DuPont. Heavy duty fabric is used in industrial safety gadgets to avoid evitable injuries you may get during the heavy jobs. They keep your arms covered from the middle of your fingers to all the way up till your elbows. Go hard on work and stay safe!
  • Material and Design: The fabric used in the arm sleeves is usually used in the armors made for the security agencies. Kevlar used in the sleeves keeps your arms dry while you sweat yourself out during the heavy jobs. Beautiful finger opening design makes it easier to use gloves with these arm sleeves. It protects your arm from unwanted scratches and cuts while you deal with sharp blades in industrial arena. Its fashion along with protection; look dapper always!
  • Certification and Usage: Kevlar Arm sleeves are made up of 100% Kevlar awarded EN388 certification. These arm sleeves give 3 way protections: CUT LEVEL 4, TEAR LEVEL 3 & PUNCTURE LEVEL 1. These can be used while doing various tasks from heavy jobs in industry to a romantic trekking on the mountains to save yourself from the scratches you can get from bushes on the mountain. They can be used in glass industry, automobile industry, metal industry, knife handling, warehousing and gardening etc.
  • Benefits and Features: Kevlar Cut Resistant Arm Sleeves feel cool against the skin and keep the arms dry as well as itch free. Kevlar doesn’t retain heat so the chances of overheating are bleak. They are lightweight and form fitting for all day work. They are machine washable. The thumb hole and finger opening provide comfort and security. They don’t lose shape no matter on what angle you are working. Cooler you stay harder you work!
  • Customer Satisfaction is our motto: It’s your satisfaction which takes us to our desired heights! These arm sleeves are designed to provide ultimate protection from scratches and cuts you can get while dealing with blades and welding machines. Unfortunately, if it doesn’t fit your requirements, we have return and replace policy. We value your feedback. Happy Shopping!





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