The tall cuff glove is a fire squad protective glove which is ergonomically designed for fire squad operations, where the focus is on technical assistance. The glove has a front palm black color Kevlar silicon coated fabric, with a special extra coating that enhances the grip. The back palm, black color silicon coated fabric is used.

The Nomex (heat resistant, fire resistant) is used in the inside lining of glove. Lining helps to provide overall insulation to the hand from radiant, convective or conductive heat exposures. On the back of the hand, one extra layer of Kevlar is designed for fire resistance and cut resistance. The glove uses the latest Generation of cut-resistant technology that powers our cut protection has doubled.

The tall cuff is made from silicon coated Kevlar fabric. The Kevlar Nomex lining is used inside the cuff.
On the knuckle patch, there is a Rolled silicon-coated fabric which enhances durability and protection while maintaining superior dexterity. Waterproof FR is inserted. In result, it increased efficiency, productivity and safety for workers.


  • Long cuff Fighter Gloves.
  • Front palm black color Kevlar silicon coated fabric , with special extra coating for enhanced grip of this gloves.
  • Back black color silicon coated fabric, two reflective strips on knuckle, back rolled fingers
  • Rolled silicon coated fabric on knuckle patch.
  • Inside one extra layer of Kevlar (Fire resistant, cut resistant) on back of hand.
  • Waterproof FR insert.
  • Inside lining Nomex ( Heat resistant, Fire Resistant)

Cuff Fabric

  • Tall cuff silicon coated Kevlar fabric.
  • Yellow/sliver color reflective strip.
  • Inside the Kevlar Nomex lining.

Technical Specifications:

Kevlar 280gsm
Nomex 280gsm
Leather thickness 0.9-1.00mm
Thread Kevlar





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