Fire Gloves

These are suitable for firefighting. It protects your hands and wrist during firefighting, lightweight, flame retardant, waterproof.

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Flight Gloves

These are used during flying. It is specially designed for safety purpose during flight. They can be used as a cosplay or in a costume.

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Mechanical Gloves

Mechanical gloves provide protection for mechanics against dirt, grease, scratches, cuts and the general roughness.

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Motor Bike Gloves

This type of gloves is suitable for motorbike riding. These gloves come in all sizes and flex and bend along with your fingers for better grip.

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Police Safety Gloves

These gloves are specially designed for law enforcement officers and rescue teams. It provides high levels of puncture, needle, cut and abrasion protection.

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PPE is the personal protective equipment that will protect the user against health or safety risks. PPE can include items such as safety gloves, eye protection e.t.c

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Rescue Gloves

Every firefighter and first responder should have a good pair of rescue gloves, tactical gloves, or firefighting gloves in their pockets.

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Safety Clothing

These gloves are specially designed for law enforcement officers and rescue teams. Provides high levels of puncture, abrasion protection.

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PRO Safety Gears

Pro Safety Gear is a big manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of safety gloves that protect people against life-threatening situations. We introduced a variety of safety gloves which is used by workers all over the world in a fire service, travelling, mining industry, construction field, petrochemical, military and mechanical industry. Our safety gloves Protects the hands from injuries, oil, grease, abrasion, and fire. Our priority is safer, healthier and more productive work places, so workers could work in a healthy and safe environment. Our safety gloves improve workers’ efficiency.

We are the exclusive Manufacturer and wholesalers of safety gloves, and successfully introduced and established Pro Safety gloves brand. Our company is located in Sialkot. We only offer the highest quality safety gloves. Because when it comes to safety, our first priority is your protection.

We are committed to complying with our Quality Management System, Customer care and safety requirements. Manufacturing a safety product that works and is welcomed by workers can be a challenge. It takes expertise and know-how to find a solution that provides superior protection as well as comfort for workers. Our safety glove is the best choice for your workers protection.

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