Safety + Redefined


A decade ago we established this astounding as well as congenial company which can facilitate the populace propitiously. A team jam-packed with accomplished and finest recruits who are competent and proficient adequately to team up with the newest and contemporary technology which has never been experienced previously.

Human lives, is one of the most significant things especially of the workers who work and toil while putting their lives in extreme peril. With our competence and brawny dedication we began this business which is now prosperous all across the orb. The gloves we design and fabricate are moderately out of harm's way and sound. We are not here just to produce gloves but we are here to fortify, cushion and protect you inventively.

We set off to work with people, side-by-side, day after day to experience the kind of dangers and hazards they encountered. From there we grew and expanded our hand safety line one industry at a time – with our team of safety advisors hitting worksites and manufacturing floors, working hand-in-hand with their workers, listening to their input, and giving them the protection they deserve. And that’s what’s most important to us.

Because, in the end, we aren’t just gloves and PPE. We’re the confidence, safety, and livelihood of those we protect. ProsafetyGears. We’re Safety, Redefined.